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Henry Grnroos, Team Hoogee 2004

A little report from Finnish HooGee!.

When we arrived to Grande Gaard saturday evening, we found that waterlevel was about normal. Fishing started 00.00 hours at Grande/Vold. After 17 hour`s of travel we were still awake!. In a few hours we got some seatrout´s and a grilse. The water and weather conditions were good, so we expected something to happen anytime. Newertheless, first day didn`t give us anything to tell about.

Second day we were harling on our favorite pool; Grande/Rodum. In the morning we caught some nice grilse. At 16.00 Jukka hooked his first salmon ever.
We landed it on the bank and a goldenbrown HooGee! was tighly hooked in the 6,9 kg salmons mouth. The picture shows how it feels to get the first salmon! In those 4 hours we got 2 small ones more, so 3 fish in the boat proved the magic of Grande/Rodum again.

Jussi and Markku was harling from 20.00. to 24.00 on Grande/Rodum and after one our they landed a beauty weigthing 7,2 kg. HooGee! "parsilankku" was too much for this fish!. It rained and the waterlevel was going up and down in small changes. The third day at Grande/Vold was wet wet wet again, and with Jukka I managed to get one nice grilse with "parsilankku".

In the evennig the water started to rise and fishing got more difficult. Anyway, the colour of the water was´t so bad, so we chanded the colours in wobblers to match the brown water. The fourth day was again wet fishing in high waters without any salmon.

On the fifth day the water was going down, but slowly. The clock was ticking... did we have time left for that golden moment of lowering waterlevel fishing....?
Jussi and Markku was in Grande/Vold and Jussi thougt he was reeling in a little salmon, which turned out to be a very nice 2,5 kg seatrout.

Later that day Jukka and I got a nice salmon from the right side of Grande/Vold and for a quite a long time we thougt it was a seatrout, until it took some 50m line and jumped several times. Jukka was on the rod, and the figthing was magnificent with powerfull runs and high jumps with long line. Finally Grande/Vold gave us what we were waiting for!.

Day 6, the last day...water had gone down about 1 meter and clearing up...conditions were perfect and we were fishing Grande/ was now or never... Again I and Jukka were the lucky ones. Because the water was still brown and we had some good result with HooGee! "orkku". We put our effort in that.

In the end of the day we had landed salmons of 7,4 and 6,9 kg`s. It was time to thank Namsen for this year, and start planning  next years fishing.

Best wishes

Team HooGee!

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